December Blog: The journey to "just right"

By Adam Glasgow - 11/27/2013

The journey to “just right.”


Though various authors receive partial credit, it is widely assumed that Robert Southey gave the world “Goldilocks and the three bears” in 1837.  For those who don’t remember, it is the story of a young girl who wanders in to the home of three bears and finds that one bowl of porridge is too hot and one is too cold but that fortunately “one is just right.”  Similarly, when Goldilocks tires she finds that one bed is too long and one bed is too short but that the last one is “just right.”


Werner Heisenberg, the great German physicist, published his seminal paper in 1925 and very roughly paraphrasing it stated that “one cannot simultaneously know the position and momentum of an electron and vice versa.  You can know one but not the other-at least not at the same time.”


Physics teaches us that you “can’t have it all” and certainly not if among other things, you want to lose weight.  Bed-time stories teach us that finding what you want is often a journey but if you are willing to venture forth then you will often find what you seek.


This Thanksgiving, through the grace of G-d and good fortune, I hope you will be blessed by the company of family and friends and a tasty and wholesome feast set before you.  Remember that you can’t simultaneously eat as much as you want and still lose weight-not on Thanksgiving-not on any day.  Likely there will be stuffing and potatoes and gravy and dessert and these will be “not quite right.”  If you look, I am sure that you will find the turkey and the vegetables and the better and healthier choices and they will be “just right.”


Our search for healthy band and sleeve “friendly” options at the Thanksgiving table is a parable for our search at every meal on every day.  More broadly it reflects our life-long search for “just right” always cognizant that at times “we just can’t have it all.”  Our goal should be to find what makes us most comfortably happy, healthy, and satisfied and to not stress excessively when “the bed is too long,” “the porridge is too hot,” or we can’t immediately have all that we desire.


I want to reprise and update my holiday season wish from a year ago “beyond peace on earth and an end to war, famine, and persecution, I hope and pray that all members of Adam’s Family find the strength, courage, conviction and support to be happy, healthy, and successful at weight loss and all else that they strive to achieve.  The band and sleeve are just tools and you’ve got to use them to lose with them.  If you are doing what you need to do-great-keep it up.  If you aren’t-then start today-do not delay.”


Remember “the family” is always there for you.  The clinical team, the nutrition team, and Dr. Newman are only ever a phone call away and would love to see you whenever you need to be seen.  Support Groups are twice a month and the on-line group meets every Wednesday from 7-8 pm.  We have many wonderful mentors who are more than willing to reach out and encourage you.


I look forward to seeing you in the office soon.  If you need me before that-don’t hesitate to or to call.  You are never a bother.  Take care, be well, journey on!



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