Fruit for thought

By Adam Glasgow - 2/22/2018

Something strange happened on the way to work today. Do you believe in signs? I’m not talking about street signs, although I saw plenty of those on my way. I’m talking about weird little things that happen in life that you think must be telling you something, even though you’re not always sure what. 

I’ve been thinking the past few days about what I could write in a new blog post. Although I had lots of ideas swirling around my head, nothing quite seemed to be clicking. As I am driving to work this morning, still thinking about my blog, I approach a red light at a major intersection on Route 1.  I slow my car down and realize that I am driving through a field of debris.  Something is splattered all over the road. It’s brightly and multi colored. It’s smashed and it’s everywhere. It’s fruit!  And quite a bit of it.

Right there, on Route 1, right in front of the large, brand new, fancy McDonald’s (pause here to take in the irony,) lay lots and lots of fruit. There were chunks of grapefruit, whole apples, crushed oranges, shattered cantaloupes, and even a few pears and kiwis. Yes, I actually took the time to catalogue all of the various fruit. It was a glorious display.

At that very minute, I knew that the fruit must be a sign. But what did it mean?  “Tell your patients to eat more fruit,” I thought, “that must be it.” A few seconds passed. “Uhhhh that’s kinda silly, too basic, my patients already know to eat fruit.” (You do already know to eat fruit, right?)

Then I thought, “choose fruit over McDonalds!” Okay, well that’s a pretty good lesson for all of us. But also a little obvious for a sign. (You all know to choose fruit over McDonald’s, right?)

So what did that roadside fruit salad mean?  Well for one thing, it meant that I finally had something to write about in my blog. Huge relief.

But then I started to wonder how all that fruit got there, paving the way for my day with color and interest. For someone, that fruit must have represented a pretty rough start to the day. Maybe a delivery person on his or her first day of work forgot to close the truck door, and smash went all of the beautiful fruit baskets. How many people didn’t receive their fruit baskets today and what did that mean to them? Was the delivery person afraid of being fired? Had someone else’s mishap become my amusement?

And maybe, I’ll just never figure out the meaning of the fruit on the road. Perhaps it was a sign that it was time to reach out to you, whether I had something “worthy” to write about or not. Maybe it was a sign that the same event can mean something very different to different people.  Or maybe it really was just a sign to eat more fruit. (Please eat more fruit.)

Whatever it was, I know this. I am glad that I slowed down this morning to study the fruit in the road. You can find beauty and meaning all along your path. Just stop, slow down and take a look.

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