How to be the Loss Boss

By Adam Glasgow - 1/18/2017

A Quick Weight Loss Thought About Portion Control

I was out to lunch the other day (and I mean that literally not figuratively) when a seemingly obvious but important thought struck me. I was enjoying my meal until I realized I was going to eat exactly what was on my plate – no more and no less. So I stopped for a moment.

I acknowledged that that was pretty much the way I approached eating at restaurants.  Whatever my portion size, I ate it. If it was on the small size, I didn’t complain and left content.  If it was large, I ate that too and didn’t think much of it. For years, I had been letting THE RESTAURANT determine how much I ate!

How strange is that? When else do we let other people dictate how much or how little we eat? Restaurants have no idea how much I should be eating.

And so in that moment, I cut my portion (which happened to be quite large) in half, and ate only the other half.  Just like that, I took the power back from the restaurant and took control of my own behavior.

It was such an obvious thought, especially for someone who spends his life thinking about weight loss, but I had never conceived of what was happening in quite that way.

So the next time you are eating out, remember who is in charge, YOU are and NOT the restaurant.

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