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By Jane Sylvestre, RD - 2/3/2013


February Blog 2013

Lots to Learn

I was preparing the “Bariatric Bingo” game and was wondering how I would ever come up with 40-50 questions regarding the band.  I thought there were so few guidelines and they were very basic.  As soon as I started writing out the questions they kept coming one after the other.  I realized there is so much to learn.  I had even more content than I needed.

The guidelines are not just about eating 3 meals per day, separating liquids and solids, chewing well and eating slowly and eating your protein first.  Having a band involves so much more than that.  I could have made up 1,000 questions related to good nutrition; not even mention exercise.  All the above are essential for success. 

It is good to remember that people are coming from very different places.  Some people have been dieting their entire lives and have a very good understanding about eating healthy.  Of course, there are still many misconceptions out there that need correcting.  Others were never bothered by their weight until it started affecting their health.  Some people need nutrition education starting with the four food groups.  OK, that ages me.  I know…It’s the myplate now.  Even the food guide pyramid is long gone.  Check out  www.choosemyplate.gov/   for latest government recommendations on eating a healthy diet. 

Most people who have had the band for many years still need reminders about good nutrition, exercise and even the basic band guidelines.  I am not surprised when someone who has had the band for a number of years tells me that they forgot they were supposed to separate liquids and solids.  It happens and I hear it all the time.  That is why following up and support from staff and fellow bandsters is so important ant. 

I am very proud of our Band on the Run Group and all they do to stay active and support each other.  They are very open to accepting new patients all the time.  If you are not familiar with Band on the Run, they are basically a group of patients who meet regularly to do some sort of physical activity whether it is zumba, bowling or hiking to name a few.  They also have game nights where they meet to provide support for each other.  Most attend support groups.  If you are a new patient and interested in joining the group, come to one of our support groups (schedule is on our website) or contact our office at 508-668-4400 and we can connect you to the right people. 

Don’t forget that support comes in many forms.  In addition to Band on the Run and our support groups, I have my 6 week nutrition class which is run often throughout the year.  I am currently in the middle of a class and plan to have the next program in April.  Watch for details to be coming out soon.  Be sure to check in with Adam or any one of our staff in the meantime. 

I wish you all well and hope to see you soon.  Best,  Jane

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