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By Adam Glasgow - 7/14/2011

I always try to have a title for my monthly musings but I think the summer heat has fried my brain.

Believe me I am empathetic to everyone who is just too hot, too tired, too lacking motivation to get out and exercise. That said, don't confuse empathy with absolution. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Weight loss is not easy, in fact it is very challenging. It takes hard work, determination, and daily effort. You have to put yourself first, not always easy I know, and prioritize your weight loss success above all else.

If 6 years in the business and 929 patients cared for have taught me anything it is that the most successful losers make weight loss a daily goal. It is always foremost on their mind and part of a daily routine. The biggest losers are also the most committed to an exercise program. Nothing fancy needed here. Merely walking 20 minutes a day 3 days a week will make a huge difference. Happy bandsters never miss a follow-up appointment, come to Support Group meetings, chat on-line, mentor other bandsters, and communicate with me immediately if they have problems.

I have also noted that many happy losers have a solid support system in place: family, friends, colleagues, other bandsters. If you don't have such available then let me and my team be your support system. We are all always happy to see you, as often as needed, in the office and happy to support you by email or phone if that is what you need. Dr. Newman is always happy to see patients in follow-up and Jane and Linda get lonely in the Nutrition office if you don't visit.

For those of that do have support in place, any and all of your team are welcome at office visits and at Support Group. The more educated and informed your team is, then the better that they can help you. Remember to NEVER miss an appointment because you don't have childcare. The louder your kid screams-the faster you get seen. In these tough economic times, money should NEVER be a barrier to care. If you need assistance or special accommodations, please let me know. I prioritize your weight loss, health, and happiness far above a co-pay.

Our next "big" event is going to be the Norwood Day/Norwood Hospital 4 Mile Run/Jog/Walk on Saturday, September 17th . A person walking briskly can usually cover a mile in 20 minutes. Even allowing for a somewhat slower pace of 30 minutes per mile, this is only a 2 hour commitment. I promise 1) to pay the registration fee 2) to provide a stylin' T shirt and 3) to finish last so that no one else has to. For the Walpole Day 5K we had 50 participants from the practice. This time around I would really love to have 100. Registration forms are in the office. We need to know by September 7 th if you will be joining us.

There has been some negative coverage of the LapBand in the media recently. We in the business call it "band bashin.'" Don't let it bother you. I don't need to tell you that there is anger and hatred in this world and that there are those who make themselves feel better by trying to make others feel badly. Folks who are overweight are more often than not the object of such misplaced emotion. I really feel that ignorance and intolerance are behind much of the frenzy about the Lapband's perceived and exaggerated shortcomings. The LapBand has been in use for almost 20 years and been implanted almost a million times. It works. It is not the easy way out as some would suggest. It is not a perfect solution either. What it is, is a time tested and experience proven tool for weight loss. For those who embrace it, it is a key component of a comprehensive weight loss program. Peer reviewed articles in established medical journals that support the utility of the LapBand probably outnumber those that disparage it by a factor of 5 or even 7 to 1. Don't let the negativity get to you.

As always, I am available by email, adam@massweightloss.com, through the office 781-769-5550, or on my cell phone 508-801-7018. Wishing you a wonderful month and looking forward to seeing you in the office soon.


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