Just Do it

By Jane Sylvestre, RD - 11/2/2015

Self Motivation to get through the Holidays

Without weight gain


Make a pact this holiday season to get through it and enjoy it without overindulgence.  Yes, it does take a little will power, but planning and preparing go a very long way.  Also, your Lap-Band or Sleeve can be an extremely useful tool at this time of year if you use it correctly.  This means eating protein first, chewing slowly and well, not drinking with your meals and avoiding liquids one to two hours after eating and of course avoiding liquid calories.  You will feel better with each passing day.  You won’t have to count down the days until you can start eating well again because you can eat well the whole holiday season.  Make this (your health) your number one priority for the next 2 months and beyond!

Planning is so important.  If you don’t write it down on paper, then at least make a mental note in your head.  Plan what, when and how much you will eat for each holiday event.  Focus, focus, focus on protein such as the turkey, ham or fish as a few examples.   Eat protein first and then some vegetables.  You will feel fuller because protein takes the longest to digest and be absorbed.  You will not have much more room for anything other than the protein and veggies.  Make sure you don’t go hours without eating.  A good rule of thumb is to eat every 4-5 hours during the daytime.  Don’t avoid eating to save calories for a “big meal” for a couple of reasons.  First, you’ll never be able to eat a “big meal” because you just can’t eat that much post surgery and secondly, you will be starving by then and overeat which can lead to poor tolerance and sticking.  Stear clear of the appetizers because you won’t have room for the healthier main entrée.  If you plan to allow yourself some dessert, make it a sliver so you get to enjoy the taste without the abundance of calories.  Enjoy without the guilt because you planned for it.  Sometimes, when people don’t allow a treat and then have one, the guilt will trigger them to give up and resort back to unhealthy eating habits. 

Stress is a factor during the holidays which can affect the food choices you make.  Not only do you have to worry about your typical daily duties, but you have to make sure your house is super clean for the guests, plan and shop for big meals and holiday gifts and deal with relatives which can be a chore it itself!  Many people resort to food (especially sweets) as a way to deal with this stress.  We all know that sweets only provide a temporary good feeling and then one feels worse.  Use exercise instead of sweets to deal with the stress.  As hard as it can be, make a really good effort to be active during the holidays.  Exercise is a much better way to manage stress.  Plan to go for a walk or jog.  Schedule time at the gym for a class.  Use an exercise video at home or whatever you can do to be active.  Not only will this keep you away from the food, but you will feel better about yourself and won’t want to choose the junk food hanging around the house.  You can only WIN by adding in exercise and making smart food choices during the holidays.  Be strong and be successful this holiday season.  Remember- yesterday, you said tomorrow.  Just do it.  Check out one of my favorite motivational speeches where I got the “just do it quote.”  The speech was used by a friend of my son who ran for President of his freshman class.  HA, HA!!!  I LOVE THIS.  You have to check it out and then LIVE IT!!!  You may need to cut and paste.


I hope the above gave you a good laugh and motivated you as well to tackle this holiday season.  Be strong.  Be good to yourself.  Eat well and exercise.  You can do this and nobody can do it for you.  Just do it.  Yesterday, you said tomorrow!!!!  ……and now today is the day.

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