Life after the Super Bowl..........

By Adam Glasgow - 2/5/2018


The Top 10 Reasons Not to Be Upset About the Super Bowl Loss

1.       Okay, you can be upset.

2.       But only for 24 hours max.

3.       We’ve been there and done that (the losing thing) before. And it always makes the next victory even sweeter.

4.       We’ve been there and done that (the winning thing) before. And it’s okay to give someone else a moment of joy too.

5.       The Celtics are looking great (with the return of Hayward somewhere on the horizon), and Red Sox season still awaits us (along with warmer weather).

6.       The Patriots are still the best of all time, and Tom and Bill will be even more driven next season.

7.       Our kids need to understand the legacy of Boston Sports, and that comes with experiencing and accepting loss.

8.       Our kids also need to understand that no one, not even Tom Brady, is perfect. And that’s okay.

9.       We all need to understand that no one, not even Tom Brady, succeeds every time. With failure and loss come growth and learning, for all of us.

10.   And the final reason not to be upset that the Patriots lost…… We have no more excuses for beer & wings – eat healthy and be happy TODAY!

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