Miss you!

By Adam Glasgow - 6/4/2017

There must be something in the air…. In the last few weeks I have received several emails and calls from patients who have not been in for quite a while. They all said essentially the same thing: “I’ve re-gained weight and I was too embarrassed to come and see you!”

Oh, how it breaks my heart to hear that you are afraid of disappointing me! If any one of you is sitting home and feeling too embarrassed to come and see me, then this message is for you. You do NOT disappoint me!  As I have said many times, asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness.

Life happens to all of us. Weight loss is a journey and every journey has its twists and turns. There are very few things in life where we have a straight and uncomplicated path directly to our goals. Our job is to just find our way back to the path when we wander off.

PLEASE put your embarrassment aside and know that you are not alone. I am here to help when you are ready. I will listen and together we will make a plan to get you back on course.

I look forward to seeing YOU soon.

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