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By Adam Glasgow - 3/31/2020

My bed is made.

Is yours?



A friend sent me the following video.  It is 3’57 of pure “get up and go” inspiration.  And, please don’t tell me that during this “pandemic pause” you can’t find 3’57 to get inspired.


I sent this to my family yesterday morning and by 9 am I had five emails that beds were made, and folks were up and moving and feeling inspired.  


On the subject of inspiration - I am issuing the C.O.V.I.D. (Concentrate On Vitality, Inspiration, Dedication) 26.2 Challenge.  The challenge has two goals: turn something awful into something amazing and give folks a reason to get up and move every day.  The inspiration for this is a fellow Bandster/Sleevester/Loser who took the “2019” Challenge and walked, ran, crawled 2019 miles in 2019.  Wow!  


I am challenging you and myself to walk, run, or crawl 26.2 miles during the month of April, 2020.  That’s “only” 4612 steps a day for 30 days. Less than a mile a day. Some, many, most of us can walk a mile in 20 minutes and if it’s a slow or tough day - then likely in 30 minutes.  Surely you have 30 minutes a day during the “pandemic pause” to invest in your health, happiness, and sanity.


So once again, here’s the ask and here’s the challenge: will you commit to running, walking, or crawling 26.2 miles in the month of April, 2020 and take the Concentrate On Vitality, Inspiration, Dedication (C.O.V.I.D.) 26.2 Challenge?  And will you turn a negative into a positive, the confining into the liberating, and the awful into the amazing?  Will you?


If you want to join me - here’s the link:


And just in case you are wondering how I settled on 26.2 miles or 138,336 steps - it is because that is the official length of a marathon and dealing with and surviving this pandemic is absolutely a marathon and not a sprint.  Don’t be intimidated. The SWLS family of Bandsters and Sleevesters and Losers is full of folks in it for the long run.  If you do this - you will be in plenty of good and supportive company.


Good luck - not that you’ll need it.  If you make up your mind to do this - I have no doubt that you will.  Keep me posted as to your progress. I am always happy to hear from you by email - and  phone or text - 508 801 7018.


Remember that we now have “virtual” Support Group for the SWLS family EVERY Wednesday night at 7 pm.  The link is available upon request to prevent "Zoom bombing."


Looking forward to seeing you and hearing from you soon.  


Anytime for anything.




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