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By Adam Glasgow - 2/1/2019

On the “almost eve” of yet another Patriots’ Super Bowl, I thought it appropriate to discuss winners and losers and to again make note of the fact that in the SWLS family “losers “ are in fact “winners.”  The following is a terrific article from Jane Brody and the NYT.  Jane certainly has “street cred” as she has lost weight and maintained that loss for 40 years.  For decades, she has also dispensed her common sense health and wellness advice to millions of readers.  You can take what she tells you to the bank.  I strongly recommend taking five minutes and reading her article.  If you don’t want to or can’t find the time, then I can summarize it for you.

Eat good food. 

Eat less of it. 

Move more. 

I’ve been saying that for 13 years and Jane does a great job expanding on and explaining those three critical pillars of weight loss and weight maintenance success.

To that I add:

Eat ONLY when you are hungry.

Drink ONLY when you are thirsty.

Obviously these instructions are easy to say and simple to understand.  But they are still damn difficult to apply and to execute.

What is the Patriots’ game plan for victory?  Score more points than the Rams.  Duh!  The devil is in the details.  As we learned from Patriots’ teams past-if you just “do your job” then quite often good things happen.  That said, it is so much easier to utter the words than it is to do the deeds.

This cold winter Super Bowl weekend, I wish you and the Patriots luck executing the game plans.  I hope you will win by losing and the Patriots win by winning.  If that happens, we’ll all be happy.

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