Priceless Joy

By Adam Glasgow - 5/6/2020


Confucius quote: Happiness does not consist in having what you ...

Save that thought - as we’ll be coming back to it. But before we do, I want to get the really important stuff out first.

Our Virtual Support Group is tonight, as it is every Wednesday, at 7 pm. The link is on the FB page and is also available upon request. We have been getting a really diverse group of participants and I am very impressed with the level of discourse and willingness to share and also inspire each other.

The 110% challenge is going strong but... We could use more participants. Last month, 21 of us travelled 1090 miles. This month we are trying to go 1200 miles! Thus far “only” 14 of us have amassed 206 miles in 5 days. Sure, that projects out to a little more than 1200 miles over 30 days but it would be a comfort to add a few more participants and a few more miles in case any of us falter down the stretch or the weather works against us. Here is the link again: and if needed, here is the code:  9d6fc-29dk. It is never too late to join and every step, stride, and mile counts.

Ok, so now back to Confucius and Ol’ Blue Eyes and a little bit of inspiration. The meme gives the philosopher credit, so I will too, but many others have voiced a similar sentiment. As we navigate through week 7 of coronavirus and quarantine and some, many, most of us have had to deal with some very significant stresses - it serves us well to remember that to a great degree - we control our happiness. The pandemic has meant many things and many changes - not the least of which is our inability to have what we want when we want it - unless we shift our thinking, change our perspective, and accept that much of what is really of value - our family, friends, and faith is already within our grasp.

The following verses were written in 1927, prior to the Great Depression, and before many Americans were forced to live without, to suffer the pangs of deprivation, but also to realize - just as we do today, nearly a century later - that for some, many, most of us - what we value and cherish most is there for us in abundance. To DeSylva, Brown, and Henderson who wrote these wise words and to Sinatra who made them famous - thank you.

The moon​ ​belongsto everyone The best​ ​thingsin life are free The​ ​starsbelong to everyone Theygleamthere for you and me

The​ ​flowersin spring
​ ​robinsthat sing
​ ​sunbeamsthat shine They're yours, they're mine

And love can come to everyone The best​ ​thingsin life are free

Honey, the moonbelongsto everyone
You know the best
​ ​thingsin life are free And the stars, theybelongto everyone They'reshininguptherefor you and for me

The​ ​flowersin spring
​ ​robinsthat sing
​ ​sunbeamsthat shine They're yours, they're mine And love can come to everyone

The best​ ​thingsin life are free

DeSylva, Brown, Henderson 1927

May peace and joy be plentiful in your life and may you stay far from strife.

Wishing you health, safety, and sanity.



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