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By Adam Glasgow - 9/1/2016

My Summer Secret….

Time to share with you a little hobby I picked up this summer.  You probably wouldn’t guess I’d be doing it, but in fact a lot of people I know do.  It’s not really something I ever thought I would be into and yet I ended up REALLY liking it.  Who woulda’ thought.…

I am a sea glass hunter.

It started out innocently enough.  Jordana and I walked the beach. Good exercise. Good conversation. Cool sea breezes. Over time, our walks transformed into mini-expeditions as we scanned the ground for shiny, worn pieces of colored glass hiding in the sand (or not, depending on the tides).  I turned out to be particularly good at spotting the brown pieces (more common) and Jordana is more adept at finding the white ones. We are giddy when we find green, and ecstatic with the rarest colors, like pale purple or blue. As the weeks went by, we started timing our walks to the right tides and developed our own little hunting techniques (sorry, that’s classified).

As Jordana and I were looking for sea glass last weekend, we started talking about why our search for these tiny treasures had become so compelling and what “message” we could take from it. So here are a few bits of wisdom we came up with -- our messages from the sea:

·         The best things in life are free: There are lots of treasures in the world that cost nothing. Walk along the beach alone or with a friend or a child, and see what treasures you find.  Imagine what stories they could tell you. Keep them by your bed or on your desk to remember the warmth of summer all year long.

·         Share your passions: For me, sea glass hunting became a shared adventure. Part of the excitement was working together towards a common goal, and finding shared excitement when that goal was met.

·         Believe in transformation: Sea glass reminds us of the power we have to transform. What was once a bottle or jar, over time became a broken shard of glass, and eventually smoothed by water and sand, became a little gem. Time and experience change us and heal us. We are all able to change.  “Value” is often found in unexpected places.

·         Hard work and patience pay off: The pursuit of sea glass requires diligent looking, lots of crouching, and a fair amount of walking. There are days when you find nothing, but if you take just one more step, you may find the ultimate treasure.

·         Treasures lurk just under the surface: Sometimes it takes just one wave to reveal a beautiful piece of sea glass that was sitting just under the sand. If we look only at the surface of things, we may be missing the greatest beauty of all. “Don’t judge a book (or an experience or a relationship or YOURSELF) by the cover!”  Dig a little deeper, look a little closer—you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

·         Embrace serendipity: When you are sea glass hunting, you realize that you might walk a step to the left or a step to the right and just miss something, or if you are lucky, find something that you might have just missed. Serendipity and fate are always at our side and accompany us along our path.  Be open to them and accept the twists and turns that your path may take.

·         The sea heals: When you need to find calm or peace in your life, walk by the sea. There is something about the sound of the waves and the vastness of the waters that will calm your soul.

·         Find the light: The difference between finding a piece of sea glass and missing it sometimes depends on being in the right light. When the sun hits a piece just so, you might see something that otherwise blended in. Let light into your life and help you to see things you might not have otherwise.

Here’s to hoping you find the hidden treasures in your life!  They may be closer than you think.

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