Seeing the Light

By Adam Glasgow - 11/24/2016

Living in the Light in the Season of Light

I saw a patient recently who hadn’t been in for some time. She shared with me that the reason for her visit was a particular issue surrounding her weight loss that she had been struggling with. She hadn’t discussed the issue with anyone else and it had really been weighing on her. (No pun intended here!) We chatted for a while, and after a time, I noticed a shift in her demeanor. Her spirit lifted and she seemed, well, lighter. (Again, no pun intended!) It started me thinking about the power of sharing.

When we keep our burdens, our fears, and our challenges, locked inside, we give them power-a power that they don’t deserve. Too often we try to solve our problems alone. We rarely succeed and our issues then fester in our hearts and in our minds.  They become “secrets” that cause our minds to twist and to turn, giving rise to feelings of shame, of embarrassment, and of confusion. Keeping our “demons” hidden, in the darkness of our minds, keeps them alive. A voice that seems so loud as to be deafening when locked inside our head often becomes a mere whisper when spoken to others who care.

Sharing our struggles with someone else can have a powerfully freeing effect. Sometimes, the very act of sharing our painful thoughts releases the anguish surrounding them and the thoughts associated with them. When a problem is exposed to the “light of day” it often diminishes some of the power it holds. When our stories are released from the shadows of our minds and into the light of the real world it often stops the whirring motion of our minds, and sends our suffering out into the universe. The amazing thing is not just the freeing power of the “telling,” but how the universe then responds. We are no longer alone. Someone else shares our burden, maybe just by listening or maybe just by helping to strategize a solution. While it may feel like we are the only one to ever have faced “our” issue before, chances are others have faced similar challenges and have emerged from them stronger. 

Here’s what I believe: Ask the universe for help and you will get a response. And it might just come in an unexpected way. I know that not all problems are instantly solved by exposing them to the light of day, but I also know that most problems are not solved by keeping them alone and in the darkness. As we head into this holiday season of light, take your own step into that direction. Find your safe space — whether it be with a friend or family member, at a support group, or during a visit with me — and release your burden to the light of day and the warmth of the world. With a lighter heart and lighter spirit, you will find strength to face your challenges and you will know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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