Sometimes...more is better

By Adam Glasgow - 3/26/2020

A thought for the day...



We are NEVER too old to learn from Winnie.


We had a really wonderful virtual Support Group last night with 22 attendees (two folks on FB correctly guessed that we would and their prizes are coming.) Counting me - we were 23.  


To spice things up we conducted a few “viewer polls” and asked the group attendees to weigh in on several questions.  If I recall correctly - 14 or 16 thought Brady and the Bucs will win more games than Belichick and the Patriots in 2020.  Almost everyone thought we are done with snow for the year and that the NBA season is over as well. Nobody thought that the Dow will be back to 29,000 before the election.  


And on the most important question of the night - 22 out of 22 said we should have more virtual Support Groups.  The people have spoken. So let it be written and so let it be done. For the foreseeable future, will have WEEKLY virtual Support Groups on Wednesday nights at 7 pm.  The link is available upon request to prevent "Zoom bombing."


My sincerest apologies to anyone who tried to log on last night and couldn’t.  Ahh… There are always glitches with new technology. Remember - if you need to reach me - call my cell: 508 801 7018.  There were also 22 successful log-ons. Maybe among those 22, there are a few tech savvy individuals who are willing to be “on call” during the next Support Group so that if folks are struggling to log-on they can reach out to these “super loggers” for help.  Just a thought. If you are willing to be a super logger, you can put your contact info on the Facebook page. NO PRESSURE and thanks in advance.


It is 39’ and sunny in Dedham as I type this.  It should be in the low 50’s most of the afternoon.  Take a break. Get out in the fresh air. Take a walk.  Even if it is “only” for 5 or 10 minutes - trust me - it will do you good.  And if you can’t get out - then set your phone timer to remind you that every 2 hours, you MUST get out of your chair and walk around your “home office” for 10 freshing and restorative minutes.  If you are working from home - then you aren’t commuting. Duh… The time saved there is the time you invest in these brief sanity breaks. Don’t argue - do it!  


I will end with a quick thought from “the old country.”


Tracht gut, vet zein gut!

Think good, and it will be good.


Remember - the power of positive thinking is limitless.


Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy…  And stay in touch.

Anytime for anything.




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