Today is for doing!

By Adam Glasgow - 2/20/2020

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The following link arrived in my mailbox this morning - sent by someone very near and dear to me. I read it while getting my morning ride on my exercise bike. Damn if it I didn't ride a little farther and a little faster after watching.


I know they sent it to be inspiring but also to let me know that they are struggling and that they are challenged, but also that they ARE NOT GIVING UP. They are fighting and they are winning - one battle at a time and one day at a time.


5 minutes is all it will take to watch this and to change your outlook and your attitude. If it doesn't - well then I'll give you your money back. I can't give you your time back - but I am not at all worried. You aren't gonna ask for it.


If you have 5 additional minutes - write and tell me what you are inspired to do. If you have even 5 more minutes - write and tell the Facebook Page - or a friend or a family member. As you will learn in the video - if you write it - then it is no dream.


Have an inspired day.




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