Walking the walk and talking the talk

By Adam Glasgow - 5/27/2020



If as they say…



A picture’s worth a thousand words



Then what are two pictures worth?


So, as many of you know, and as should be obvious from the pictures - whatever they are worth - my son Sam got married to his incredible fiance Emily on Sunday.  It was as perfect a day and ceremony and celebration as could be imagined.  My own wedding 30 years ago was fun.  Sam and Emily’s was fantastic!


Wedding planning started over a year ago and evolved as the world around us evolved.  Needless to say, the experience on Sunday was not what most of us had initially envisioned but…It was nonetheless amazing.  While we might have engaged in woulda, coulda, shoulda thinking and who would have faulted us - we did not.  We leaned into the moment, embraced what it was rather than what it was not, and enjoyed every minute of it.  In Jordana’s words, the wedding was a transcendent experience.  For the hours that we celebrated, we were able to forget about coronavirus - even if the grandparents (most of the time), Rabbi, photographer, and drive-by celebrants all wore masks.


The message for today then is that we all have aisles to walk down in our lives.  They aren’t always straight, they aren’t always smooth, they are rarely lined by rose petals, and we don’t always get to walk with our basherit (Yiddish for our intended or one and only) by our side.  But we still always have the choice of how to proceed - laughing or crying, running or walking, minds filled with thoughts of woulda, coulda, shoulda or focused on the beauty and magic of the moment.


My hope and prayer for all of you is that whatever aisle you walk and whenever you traverse it that you do so head held high, wind at your back, sun on your face, and on your way to somewhere awesome.




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