When opportunity knocks...

By Adam Glasgow - 4/29/2020


Smart man.  I am not sure if he was referring to a specific difficulty or to challenge in general.  Either way - it is an apt aphorism for the issues that we confront today.


I certainly don’t want to trivialize the tragedy that is the Coronavirus pandemic but I would also do us a disservice if I did not note that some, many, most of us - have been able to make the best of a bad situation.  The examples are too numerous to mention them all and for those of you that have been able to do so - you already know what you have done to make the most of your chances.


That said, several opportunities do warrant specific mention.  We have virtual Support Group tonight at 7 pm.  This is our sixth virtual Support Group and I think they have been quite well attended, productive, and have achieved as advertised - they have provided support.  The zoom link is posted on the FB page and is available from me upon email request.


Dr. Susan Cetlin and I are both available by telemedicine to anyone who wants or needs our comfort and care.  Email or call and we will get you set up for a visit.


Lastly, I have a good friend in need of a nanny for her two amazing young sons, ages 6 and 3.  The family is delightful, they live in Canton, and the pandemic has really disrupted their usual child care program.  They are looking for someone full time on weekdays and the opportunity would continue through the summer and into the next school year.  If you are interested or know someone who would be - just call or shoot me an email and I will happily make the connection.


In conclusion, I do hope that some, many, most of you will optimize the opportunity and 1) get out and enjoy this beautiful day and 2) join me and your peers for an hour of  virtual Support Group tonight at 7.


Wishing you safety, sanity, and success.  I am available anytime for anything that helps you achieve that.






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