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By - 4/9/2012

First of all, let me start by saying that I am so glad Adam is doing well. Our fearless leader gave us all a scare. We are all happy to have Adam back in the office and feeling great!

In March, we had the Veteran Bandsters' Meeting. Adam started the support group by talking about the many non scale victories that our patients have. How wonderful to not worry about whether or not the chairs have arms. How wonderful to tie your shoes with the bows on top. Think about all the little...

By - 3/21/2012

Last night Surgical Weight Loss Specialists hosted their first "Veteran Bandster Support Group" for people who have had their Lap-Band 1 year or longer. Depending who you ask and who you believe there were anywhere from 35 to 55 people in attendance. Suffice to say there were so many people there that it was hard to get an accurate count.

We divided in to smaller groups to facilitate discussion and to focus on issues of specific interest to these smaller groups. Those bandsters who...

By - 3/7/2012

Life can be tough, but it is a learning experience. My heart was broken yesterday. My 11 year old son Adam had a big presentation in school on a project he had been working on for a few weeks. His presentation was on Wilbur Wright, the inventor of the first successful airplane. He had to dress the part and he looked adorable. He had to present a one minute speech which he practiced his whole winter vacation. He knew it inside and out. When he came home from school, he jumped in the car. I...

By - 2/1/2012

You would come in for follow-up!

This Valentine's Day don't send me chocolate just come in for a visit. Tell your loved ones that there are far more productive and supportive ways to express their love than through a gift of sweets. If some how they don't get the message and you find yourself the recipient of a high fructose treat on the holiday, be gracious and then get rid of it as fast as you can. There is no need get off track or jeopardize your hard won gains (really losses) for...

By - 1/24/2012

I would like to take a new angle on my blogs and make them more patient driven. I want to use this opportunity to answer patient questions. Please e-mail any questions that you would like addressed in my blog. My e-mail address is janesylvestre@massweightloss.com

I am also looking for new support group ideas. If you have a topic you would like covered in support group you can e-mail me that information as well. Linda and I just...

By - 1/5/2012

Happy New Year to all. I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and successful 2012.

This year has been an exciting one for me personally and professionally and I want to share a few of the highlights. Working roughly in reverse order, on December 17th we moved in to our new fabulous office at 278 Union Street in East Walpole. New Phone 508-668-4400, new fax 508-668-4420, and of course as always my cell 508-801-7018. The new office is the culmination of almost one year of hard and diligent...

By - 10/7/2011

At the end of the month the choice may be just that stark especially with little goblins gathered at your front door. Fortunately during the rest of the month and even rest of the year the choice is far more nuanced. More on that later.

The other day I had a bandster in my office extremely frustrated that he wasn't losing weight and in his words "succeeding with the band." "I am a success in everything I do. I am a VP at my company. I have had 3 promotions since I joined the company...

By - 7/14/2011

I always try to have a title for my monthly musings but I think the summer heat has fried my brain.

Believe me I am empathetic to everyone who is just too hot, too tired, too lacking motivation to get out and exercise. That said, don't confuse empathy with absolution. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Weight loss is not easy, in fact it is very challenging. It takes hard work, determination, and daily effort. You have to put yourself first, not always easy I know, and...

By - 9/5/2010

Its hard to believe the summer is almost over. I hope everyone has had a great summer and was able to get some vacation time in. While I was on my vacation this summer, I attended a great class entitled "Food Addiction, Overeating, and Mood Swings". We started by being presented with some alarming statistics. According to the most recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES survey 2003), approximately 65% of adult Americans are overweight and 30% are obese. It is...

By - 5/12/2010

Like Jane, this is the first blog I have written. I would like to start by saying that I am thrilled to be working in the office and truly enjoy the time I am spending there. I have learned so much and look forward to learning more.

I have worked at the hospital for almost 18 years and was quite excited when, 5 years ago, we learned that Arthur and Adam were going to start doing the lap band procedure. As someone who has struggled all my life with my weight and has tried every diet...


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