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By - 4/2/2017

Are you eating your stress? How does it taste? I am guessing not too good. I am also betting it’s not very satisfying no matter how much you eat.

If you feel stressed and you turn to food to cope, I’m here to tell you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Having spent hundreds of hours talking with people about their eating habits, there is no question that stress eating is one of the most common responses to life’s challenges and one of the most destructive to achieving weight loss goals.


By - 2/28/2017

This past month has had its share of interest and excitement.   I admit to a little distraction and have been a little slow to put together this next blog.  In our far too frequent striving to just “get through the day,” we often fail to see and to appreciate the message and the meaning in our lives.  I had a slow start to the day, not a typical “manic Monday,” so I sat down to ponder some of the recent and exciting stories from this fabulous, fun, and freaky February.


By - 1/23/2017

A few quick thoughts:

Each and every day, yes even on weekends and other presumably “down time,” I am meeting people, talking to people, and discussing and learning about weight loss.  Everyone has a story, a question, a comment and I learn from them all.

Especially with regard to surgery and behavior there are some common themes that warrant brief comment.

The “rules” are easy to state and presumably simple to understand.  The real challenge is in their application and...

By - 1/18/2017

A Quick Weight Loss Thought About Portion Control

I was out to lunch the other day (and I mean that literally not figuratively) when a seemingly obvious but important thought struck me. I was enjoying my meal until I realized I was going to eat exactly what was on my plate – no more and no less. So I stopped for a moment.

I acknowledged that that was pretty much the way I approached eating at restaurants.  Whatever my portion size, I ate it. If...

By - 1/4/2017


It’s January again, a New Year, and for some of us a time for “new” resolutions.  You can hardly turn on the TV or radio, or read a newspaper or magazine without some talk of New Year’s resolutions.  Health clubs and diet companies advertise them.  Self-help gurus recommend them.  And we all buy in. “New Year, New You.” But this year I find myself asking, are New Year’s resolutions really productive?

There is something compelling for all of us about latching on...

By - 12/19/2016

To My SWLS Family,

Here we are, another holiday season upon us, and a new year soon to follow. Each one seems to pass by more quickly than the last.  To quote from a favorite Talking Heads’ song, “And you may ask yourself, well how did I get here?” My friends, however we got here, here we are, and I am thankful to be here with you.

I am grateful that you are willing to let me be a part of your journey and that you trust me to care for you.

I am inspired watching how hard...

By - 11/24/2016

A Heartfelt Farewell

I am writing my last blog with such mixed emotions.  I have taken a new position at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton.  I am very excited for my new and increased responsibilities; however I will miss my “family” here at Surgical Weight Loss Specialists.

This position that I have held for the past 7 years has been my favorite job throughout my work history.  I loved all the people with whom I worked.  How many people...

By - 11/24/2016

Living in the Light in the Season of Light

I saw a patient recently who hadn’t been in for some time. She shared with me that the reason for her visit was a particular issue surrounding her weight loss that she had been struggling with. She hadn’t discussed the issue with anyone else and it had really been weighing on her. (No pun intended here!) We chatted for a while, and after a time, I noticed a shift in her demeanor. Her spirit lifted and she seemed, well, lighter. (Again, no pun...

By - 11/14/2016

What’s not to love about Thanksgiving!

It is a holiday with a message of peace and thankfulness….A holiday that values family and home…. A holiday when I can watch football…. A holiday where the stores are closed and we don’t have to worry about the material world.

Okay, so it’s also a holiday about one more thing:  Food.   

Don’t stress. Here are a few tips to help get you through and stay on track:

1.       Make yourself a plan ahead of time...

By - 11/14/2016

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”  Lao Tzu, wisest of Taoist philosophers

I am often asked by patients if they should change course and typically they are referring to their surgery.  Should they convert from a Lap-Band to a Sleeve or Bypass, or from a Sleeve to a Bypass?   I even occasionally field inquiries from folks wanting to know if they can have a Lap-Band after their Sleeve or Bypass.  Now that Balloon is becoming more...


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