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By - 2/22/2018

Something strange happened on the way to work today. Do you believe in signs? I’m not talking about street signs, although I saw plenty of those on my way. I’m talking about weird little things that happen in life that you think must be telling you something, even though you’re not always sure what. 

I’ve been thinking the past few days about what I could write in a new blog post. Although I had lots of ideas swirling around my head, nothing quite seemed to be clicking. As I...

By - 2/5/2018


The Top 10 Reasons Not to Be Upset About the Super Bowl Loss

1.       Okay, you can be upset.

2.       But only for 24 hours max.

3.       We’ve been there and done that (the losing thing) before. And it always makes the next victory even sweeter.

By - 12/29/2017

I recently saw the new Star Wars movie. (If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know ANYTHING about it, then better skip the next two paragraphs. But I promise, no major spoilers.)


There is an interesting scene in the middle of the movie where the sound cuts out entirely. For several seconds it was totally silent in the theater, and then as people took in what was happening, there were a few oohs and ahhs and gasps. It was a powerful effect and for an instant brought me...

By - 12/26/2017

I remember years ago my parents had a sign that hung in our house. It said something like “It’s not enough to be busy; the question is what are we busy about?” I always liked that quote and in thinking about writing this holiday message to you, I decided to see if I could find the quote on Google. (I’ll explain why I was thinking about the quote in relation to YOU in a minute. Hang with me….)

It didn’t take me very long to find the quote. It was from Henry David Thoreau and it must be...

By - 11/10/2017

When A Tree Falls…

Monday didn’t quite start the way I expected. The first jolt came at 1 am when I was awoken from a deep sleep to a beeping alarm. We had lost power in the crazy wind and rainstorm. 

By morning, the power still had not returned, but I got ready for work, hopeful that by evening, life (and power) would return to normal.  As I headed off to work, I could see some commotion at then end of my driveway. I stopped my car and walked down to...

By - 9/25/2017

Thoughts for Difficult Times

One of the privileges of being a doctor, and in particular a weight loss doctor, is that my patients share their stories with me. Sometimes they share their good news, but often they share their struggles and their pain. My visits with patients allow me to see a wide cross section of people – from different walks of life, backgrounds, religions, and politics. Each person has their own story to tell, carries their own burdens and faces their own unique...

By - 7/7/2017

The Myth of the Easy Way Out

I love learning from my patients. They have great ideas, inspiring thoughts, and important observations.  Here’s a recent example:

“My husband doesn’t want me to have weight loss surgery because he thinks I’m taking the easy way out.” I’ve heard this, or some variation of it, probably hundreds of times.

For years I have offered the same answer: Weight loss surgery is not easy. It is just a tool to help you lose weight, and it...

By - 6/4/2017

There must be something in the air…. In the last few weeks I have received several emails and calls from patients who have not been in for quite a while. They all said essentially the same thing: “I’ve re-gained weight and I was too embarrassed to come and see you!”


By - 4/2/2017

Are you eating your stress? How does it taste? I am guessing not too good. I am also betting it’s not very satisfying no matter how much you eat.

If you feel stressed and you turn to food to cope, I’m here to tell you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Having spent hundreds of hours talking with people about their eating habits, there is no question that stress eating is one of the most common responses to life’s challenges and one of the most destructive to achieving weight loss goals.


By - 2/28/2017

This past month has had its share of interest and excitement.   I admit to a little distraction and have been a little slow to put together this next blog.  In our far too frequent striving to just “get through the day,” we often fail to see and to appreciate the message and the meaning in our lives.  I had a slow start to the day, not a typical “manic Monday,” so I sat down to ponder some of the recent and exciting stories from this fabulous, fun, and freaky February.



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