June Bug

By Adam Glasgow - 6/9/2014

Just want to make you aware of a few things.  If it seems like you have heard some of this before, I apologize.  I and we do repeat sometimes but that is only because we want to make sure folks are aware of what is going on.  Some folks read the emails, some folks only the blogs.  We do are best to keep you informed without being a pest.

Thursday June 12th at 7 pm, don’t miss an excellent Support Group Program with Stacy Schwartz, Licensed Health Coach discussing Sugar and Sweet Addiction.

We have many wonderful clothes from the Clothing Swap still available.  Bandster Libby Maddix lovingly organized all the clothes and made it very easy to browse by size.  Take a look.  You never know what you might find.

Saturday June 14th is the Walpole Day 5K and it is not too late to sign up.  You can even register the morning of the race. Just plan to be at Epiphany Church, Walpole Center at 8 am.  I finish last so no one else has to.

Thursday June 19th is our second Sleeve Support Group.  All are welcome at this Sleeve Experience focused group.

Susan Cetlin, PhD has officially taken over as our on-site mental health professional.  Susan has a wealth of counseling experience and has been working in the local community for years.  Her primary office is just minutes away in Sharon and she is on-site in our Walpole office every Monday.  She is seeing all pre-operative patients and is more than happy to see folks for follow-up as the need or desire arises.  You can schedule time with Susan by talking to our front office staff.  Whether you need Susan’s services or not, be sure to give her a warm “Adam’s Family” welcome if you see her around the office.

Julie Cedrone, NP has expanded her summer hours so that she is now available on Tuesday mornings.  This is a great development.  I am typically in the OR on Tuesday mornings so this allows us a great opportunity to provide more comprehensive follow-up.  And as you know frequent follow-up is a key to success.  Marianne Matz, NP works less in July but resumes her full schedule in August and is very happy to see you then.

Jane’s summer Nutrition hours contract somewhat during July and August but she is still in the office a full day a week and available to answer questions by email.  You should plan to see Jane at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months post-surgery whether you had a Lap-Band or a Sleeve.

The weather is better.  The days are longer.  The outdoors are the best “gym deal” going.  They are free and open 24/7.  Get out there and use them.  Our minimum goal is physical activity 3 days a week for 30’.  Not too demanding.  Of course more is better but we’ll be happy with a commitment to get that.

Would you ever put diesel fuel in your car’s gas engine?  Of course not!  You would ruin it.  Then why would you ever put cakes, candies, cookies, fruit juice, alcohol, soda, pizza, pasta, potatoes, or rice in your Lap-Band or Sleeve?  I hope you wouldn’t but some folks do and it is not a good idea.

Lap-Bands and Sleeves work best when you treat them “nicely” and use them properly.  If you have any questions about what that means, just ask.

Nobody plans to fail-they just fail to plan.  We have had a few off-hours “emergencies” lately that could probably have been prevented with some forethought.  If you are “tight” or “in the red zone” call AS SOON AS YOU REALIZE IT.  Please don’t wait and hope it gets better.  It rarely does and seems to typically and suddenly worsen on the weekend.  During the summer,  the office closes by 2 pm on most Fridays.  If you are trending toward trouble at mid-week call promptly and get in to be seen.

Ending on a high note, I have seen some very successful bandsters and sleevesters lately.  Some folks have reappeared after months or years away and have done a fabulous job losing and maintaining and others have been working with us all along and it just took a moment of pausing and reflecting to realize how far they too had come.  Lap-Bands and Sleeves are “just tools” but wow, when you watch someone use one properly, masterfully, successfully it is like watching a painter with a brush or a sculptor with a chisel. Really fun to see.

Wishing you all the best of health, happiness, and success and pledging to do all I can to see that you attain it.  Always happy to see you.  Always happy to chat.  Always happy to email.  Stay in touch.  Stay focused.  Stay with the program.


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