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Each Patient Was And Is An Individual - Just As Every Client Is Too: Many of my patients came to me after years of unsuccessful attempts at weight loss. I understood how difficult that process had been and how being overweight had impacted each patients’ life. I bring that same empathy and concern to my Life Coaching clients and every coaching, conversation and connection opportunity.

I Was My Patients’ Partner and I will Be My Clients' As Well:  We view ourselves as partners with our patients on a journey towards healthy and sustained weight loss. We are part of a team working with each patient to reach his or her own personal goals. Our patients’ families are often an important part of that process, and we welcome their involvement.

I Am Accessible: Communication was a key component of my practice and of my patients’ success.  I am sure it will also be critical to my clients' success. I encourage my clients to contact me anytime for anything. I strive to be as accessible and responsive as possible. Frequent and open communication will help ensure health, happiness, and success.

It Was All About My Patients’ Happiness And It Is Now All About My Clients' Too: There is nothing more meaningful to me than hearing my patients say that their lives have been changed and that they are happy.  That is exactly what I hope to hear from my coaching clients too.

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