By Adam Glasgow - 11/10/2017

When A Tree Falls…

Monday didn’t quite start the way I expected. The first jolt came at 1 am when I was awoken from a deep sleep to a beeping alarm. We had lost power in the crazy wind and rainstorm. 

By morning, the power still had not returned, but I got ready for work, hopeful that by evening, life (and power) would return to normal.  As I headed off to work, I could see some commotion at then end of my driveway. I stopped my car and walked down to see a group of neighbors surrounding a giant (and I mean giant) tree that had fallen straight across our street. The tree had entirely blocked access in and out of our dead-end lane and had taken down several telephone poles and power lines with it. Now I had no power AND no way to get to work (or anywhere else for that matter).

So began the saga of the giant tree that barricaded my neighborhood and dominated the early days of my week. Yes, it was a huge stress and I experienced my share of frustration, but now, back in the light, I can see what I gained.

I lost use of my car, but learned that my mother-in-law is willing to be a spur of the moment chauffeur. (I also learned how to set up an Uber account thanks to my resourceful and hip son Ari— it was about time!)

I lost my electricity, but learned that my sister and brother-in-law are gracious hosts who were more than happy to offer a comfy bed and a warm meal.

I lost a fridge and freezer full of food, but gained a fresh start to clear out the old and buy new, healthier options.

I lost Cable TV, but gained time to talk with my wife and son.

I lost some patience, but gained respect and appreciation for the utility, tree removal, and public safety crews who worked tirelessly to restore normalcy to my street and my life.

I learned that two days without power is nothing compared to the struggles of our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico who still don’t have power.

And I learned that sometimes being in the dark, let’s you see the light.

Here’s to hoping that light and insight are shining on you.


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