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By - 10/1/2014

Do You See What I See?

I can’t tell you how many times I tell a patient how wonderful they look after their weight loss and they just don’t see it.  The weight loss can be significant and the patient still sees him or herself as “fat.”  This problem has been brought up multiple times in support group.  The response to “you look great” should be “thank you.”  What happens when you lose your desired weight and you are still not happy with your body? ...

By - 8/10/2014

What Should I Weigh?

When first meeting with a patient, I always ask if they have a weight in mind that they would like to achieve.  This can be a very scary question.  Many don’t know how to answer this.  I am sure they are thinking, “What is she looking for?”  “What should I weigh? what weight do I feel good at?” What weight makes me healthy? 

 Patients often bring up the term “Ideal Body Weight.”  Most patients feel that “Ideal Weights” are ridiculously low...

By - 7/9/2014

Staying Cool when it’s Hot!

Yeah!  It is finally summer.  Get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather.   Life can be easier during these months.  Winter has the challenges of eating during the holidays, the candy during Halloween and the snow on the ground & cold temperatures which can make getting out and moving your body a challenge.  However, there are also a few challenges during these hotter months too.  Dehydration is one of them. 

Even when it is not...

By - 6/9/2014

Just want to make you aware of a few things.  If it seems like you have heard some of this before, I apologize.  I and we do repeat sometimes but that is only because we want to make sure folks are aware of what is going on.  Some folks read the emails, some folks only the blogs.  We do are best to keep you informed without being a pest.


By - 6/9/2014

The Musical Fruit

Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you …  HA!  Remember chanting this when you were a kid?  My kids still do.  I am OK with that because I am happy to have beans in their vocabulary. Fun fact:  Did you know the longer you cook your beans the less flatulence they cause.  Also, throw out the water you cook dried beans in and you’ll experience less gas.   Let me share a few of the many benefits of beans:

·         Excellent...

By - 4/30/2014

May Menagerie


A few quick dates of note:


Thursday May 8th at 630 pm is Game Night.  Game Night is a totally patient run evening of fun and games.  It begins with a pot-luck weight-loss friendly dinner and ends only when the laughs and good times do too.  You should definitely plan to attend and connect with old friends and make new ones.  I have NEVER talked to anyone who regretted going to Game Night. 


By - 4/29/2014

A Bounty of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

                AAhhhh, this is the BEST time of year for the freshest, most nutritious fruits and vegetables.  Include lots of lots of different colors of these foods.  You can eat anything from orange apricots to green leafy swiss chard to purple eggplant.  As we see rainbows in the sky in spring, we want to see the rainbow of colors on your plates as well. 

                The reason for trying to eat a variety of fruits...

By - 3/12/2014

Hi all, happy March,

Sometimes in my blogs I like to recap what I did in a most recent class.  Last Monday I had a cooking class for beginners.  I thought this topic would be a great idea for the many patients I have who have a fear of cooking due to lack of experience.  Many patients tell me they would not even know where to start.  I started the class by going around the room asking what kind of cooking experience our patients have had in the past. 

Well, I had to reorganize...

By - 2/2/2014

Be Good to Your Heart

What does one believe: low fat diet or not?  The truth is that obesity had its highest rise when Americans were obsessed with the fat free diet.  To be honest, I was promoting it myself many years ago.  Nutrition is a science.  Science is research based.  The more we study and observe, the more we know.  You just have to go with the most up to date knowledge that is out there from a legitimate source.  Visit www....

By - 12/30/2013

A New Year’s Resolution for You

                One of my favorite hobbies is organizing!  I just love it.  Something you may not know about me is that I am a member of NAPO; The National Association of Professional Organizers.  I have everything in my house labeled in bins.   Organization is a necessity in my house with a husband and son with ADHD.  I think I have it too, just never diagnosed.  I don’t know how we would all be able to function without...


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