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By - 10/26/2016

Updated Vitamin & Mineral Recommendations:

I promised my next blog would be an update on the nutrition guidelines after receiving my certificate in adult weight training through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  I did cover much of this information in the nutrition class I offered through our office.  We had a great turnout and I hope you were able to make it.  Thank you all for all the positive feedback! 

The recommendation for vitamins is to take a complete...

By - 9/28/2016

What I have learned over the years

I was meant to be a dietitian.  When I was 17, I took a test to help me find a career and two options came up:  a gift shop owner and a dietitian.  Go figure?  I still was not convinced.  I went to Assumption College in Worcester, undecided until I took a Nutrition course.  I had to transfer schools because Nutrition was not an option at Assumption.  I transferred to UMASS, Amherst where I started my course of study in Nutrition.  At the same time, I...

By - 9/1/2016

My Summer Secret….

Time to share with you a little hobby I picked up this summer.  You probably wouldn’t guess I’d be doing it, but in fact a lot of people I know do.  It’s not really something I ever thought I would be into and yet I ended up REALLY liking it.  Who woulda’ thought.…

I am a sea glass hunter.

It started out innocently enough.  Jordana and I walked the beach. Good exercise. Good conversation. Cool sea breezes. Over time, our walks...

By - 8/26/2016

Growing up, I spent my summers at overnight camp in New Hampshire. I loved pretty much everything about camp – playing softball, crazy pranks in the bunk, the green “bug juice,” and the “socials” where the last song of the night was always Stairway to Heaven (still one of my favorites, even after all these years.)  I even loved swimming lessons in the pond, murky as it was, with an occasional turtle swimming by. But there was one part of my swimming lessons that I always hated: treading...

By - 8/16/2016

Hair is the Scoop!

By - 7/20/2016

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall……


By - 7/11/2016

What’s Your Food Story?


By - 6/30/2016

Enjoy a Little Bit of Sun this Summer!


By - 6/9/2016

11 Simple Things You Can Do In A Day To Lose Weight And Feel Good

1.      When you wake up, before you get out of bed, think of 3 things you are grateful for. Bonus points if you say them out loud.

2.      Commit to drinking only water for the day. Okay, if you must have your coffee, skip the cream and the sugar.

3.      Wherever you drive, park in the furthest parking spot away and walk to your destination.

4.      Skip the elevator and take the...


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