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By - 6/30/2016

Enjoy a Little Bit of Sun this Summer!


By - 6/9/2016

11 Simple Things You Can Do In A Day To Lose Weight And Feel Good

1.      When you wake up, before you get out of bed, think of 3 things you are grateful for. Bonus points if you say them out loud.

2.      Commit to drinking only water for the day. Okay, if you must have your coffee, skip the cream and the sugar.

3.      Wherever you drive, park in the furthest parking spot away and walk to your destination.

4.      Skip the elevator and take the...

By - 5/31/2016

I’ll Drink to that!


By - 4/27/2016

Why the Weight Gain?

Why is it that when you hit a certain age, you just start putting on more weight?  I sometimes hear that “my weight issues began later in life and I didn’t change a whole lot in my eating or exercise habits.  I can’t eat like I used to be able to eat or I can’t lose the weight like I used to be able to lose.”    I am not surprised.  This is not uncommon.  But, WHY???

Metabolism plays a huge roll.  As defined by medicinenet.com, metabolism is...

By - 4/5/2016

Secrets of the Trade: How to Use Weight Loss Surgery as an Effective Tool

As you’ve probably heard me say many times before, “weight loss surgery is just a tool.”  While it would be nice if surgery alone resulted in significant and sustained weight loss, we all know that surgery is just one piece of the puzzle. Each individual needs to find the optimal way to use surgery as a tool in order to achieve his or her weight loss goals.  So what are the secrets? What...

By - 3/17/2016

Healthy Habits Start Young

I always like to write my blogs about whatever is my focus in my own life at the time.  Right now, it is my teenage son’s eating habits.  As you can image, as a dietitian, I have put much effort into providing healthy meals and foods for my family.  I try to keep only healthy food readily available to them, make balanced meals nightly and be a good role model.  The older my children are getting, the more challenging this is becoming.  Eating...

By - 3/17/2016

I recently read a newsletter from a dean at my son’s college about students learning how to deal with failure, and in so doing, learning how to “fail better.” Apparently this phrase (attributed to writer Samuel Beckett) has become sort of a cool catch phrase these days.  While learning how to “fail better” certainly has its applicability to today’s youth, I started to think about how important it is in the context of weight loss as well, not to mention life in general.  Learning to FAIL...

By - 2/28/2016

To Weigh or Not to Weigh…. That is the Question

Rarely does a week go by when I don’t hear patients worry about how often they should weigh themselves. Sometimes that question sounds something like: “Is weighing myself every day okay? Will it help me lose weight?” And other times, the question is a bit more frantic, like: “I weighed myself this morning and I was a pound more than I was yesterday! I am so upset.”

The decision of how often to weight...

By - 2/27/2016

Savor the Flavor of Eating Right

March is National Nutrition Month

Once a year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics gets to claim the month of March to celebrate nutrition.  This year, the theme is all about taking time to enjoy your food and appreciate the pleasures, flavors and social experiences that go along with eating.  My blogs have routinely been on making the right food choices, but...

By - 2/27/2016

The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans came out last month.  They are released every 5 years with the new dietary recommendations based on all the current research.  I know people get very frustrated because one day we are telling you to avoid something and later change the recommendation.  Throughout my 24 years of teaching nutrition, I have had to change my recommendations numerous times.  This can be frustrating as a professional as well.  I remember when all fat was bad, then there...


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